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About Us

Crystal CONSULTANCY&RESEARCH Consultancy (CC&R) is a research; training and consulting company specialized in offering up-to-date Practical Solutions to organizational and social development challenges. Registered in Somalia in 2012, and with working experiences in Eastern and the Horn of Africa regions, CENTRE FOR CONSULTANCY&RESEARCH multi-disciplinary consultancy and management advisory firm serving a diversified network of clients with competencies in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, we do this through research, innovation, training, information dissemination and quality technical advice.

At the Centre for Consultation and Research, we recognize that change is the most constant element in today’s globalized and highly dynamic world. For individuals and institutions to be able to perform better at solving individual, organizational and societal challenges, to achieve the most desired change, CC&R will use its broader and deeper knowledge of humanitarian changing priorities, business trends, industry challenges, and new technologies and believes that CC&R can devise new, viable, and creative ways of managing this change.


CRYSTAL CONSULTANCY&RESEARCH will also foster teamwork accrued from bringing a pool of experienced professionals who have over 20 years of hands-on experience in a diverse field of research, development, management, and institutional development and innovative technologies to achieve efficient, effective solutions to the emerging challenges at their place of work and in our communities.

CRYSTAL CONSULTANCY & RESEARCH has national linkages with experts and organizations, notably such as LLG, NAPAD, and Ifrah Foundation. This allows us to tap into a wide range of experienced experts to undertake various training assignments.


To provide quality professional services using state-of-the-art technology (SOTA) and skilled, motivated human resource for the enhancement of local institutions as well as individual


To be the market leader in the provision of reliable advisory, consultancy, and capacity-building services at national and internationally acceptable professional standards at competitively bearable costs to individuals and organizations within the public, private, and non-profit sectors.


Our approach is practical, creative and collaborative. We focus on our clients’ needs for applied results. We maintain a broad-minded technique which seeks to incorporate result-based and contemporary methods of solving recurring individual, organizational and societal challenges in a sustainable manner. CR&C have a core team of experts who can provide technical knowledge, insights, and expertise to ensure value for money and better results for all our engagement.

  1. Applied Research

Centre for consultancy & Research supports clients in undertaking a number of applied research to enhance their knowledge base, and supports planning and programming and making informed decision-making. Our research areas include: -

  • Client satisfaction/perception surveys

  • Project impact studies

  • Baseline/Midline/End surveys

  • Case studies/Human stories documentation

  • Product /Market survey

  • KAP Survey (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices

2. Training 

CRYSTAL CONSULTANCY & RESEARCH offers quality, tailored training that can provide trainees with practical skills to increase and enhance their knowledge and skills to counter everyday workplace challenges with zeal and confidence. We offer a wide variety of training that cover the following areas.

Organizational Effectiveness Training:

  • Community care and engagement dialogue session

  • Advocacy and networking skills

  • Conflict resolution and management

  • Team-building skills

  • Resource mobilization skills

  • Peacebuilding

Project Management Training:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning

  • Community Needs Assessment

  • Disaster Preparedness

  • Project Cycle Management

  • Disaster Preparedness, Planning & Management

  • Gender Mainstreaming

  • Accountability to affected population Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Report Writing for Donor Funded Projects

Personal Development Courses:

  • Communication Skills

  • Effective Writing Skills

  • Facilitation Skills (ToT & ToF)

  •  Good Governance& Leadership Skills

  • Management and Supervisory Skills

  • Recruitment and Interview Skills

Research skills training:

  • Academic research methods

  • Participatory research methods

Training Modes:

  1. Open Training

  2. In-house Training

  3. Individualized coaching

  4. Online/distance learning

Crystal Consultancy & Research Training Goals:

  1. To offer a variety of tailor-made practical training, advice and information services.

  2. To offer an online and distance learning courses on relevant subjects to those unable to
    Attend face-to-face training.

3. Consultancies

Programme/Project Support:

  • Organizational profile development

  • Concept note/Proposal writing and reviews

  • Project report writing and reviews

  • Desk Review studies

  • Baseline Surveys

  • Third-Party Monitoring

  • Project Evaluation

  • Impact Assessments,

  • Fundraising/Resource Mobilization and Donor Relations

Organizational Development & Management Consulting:

  • Institutional Capacity Building

  • Institutional capacity assessments

  • Staff capacity assessment

  • SWOT analysis

  • Development of capacity-building strategies

Strategic Planning:

  • Development and review of strategic plans

  • Review and development of Key Results Framework

  • Development of resource mobilization plans

Human Resource Management Support Services

  • Formulation on for organizational procedures (Administrative, HR and Financial)

  • Development of a standard operating procedure

  • Recruitment Support services

  • Communication and documentation


Backstopping consultancy services

We provide continuous advice on the ongoing project and organizational processes.

  • Project/ programme support services

  • Organizational development support services–Using the Building of Effective, Efficient, Sustainable organizations (The BEES Approach).

CRYSTAL CONSULTANCY & RESEARCH has two competent and experienced Board of Directors and four non-executive board members who oversee its strategic and policy direction. The day-to-day operations are managed by an administrator and three project officers responsible for training and research. The firm has ample office and requisite facilities to undertake quality assignments in a timely and professional manner.

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